KLM Taiwan has a special offer only for VNT members. When the ticket to Amsterdam is purchased via KLM Taiwan, VNT members can choose one of the benefits:


This is valid on the direct KLM flight (KL807 and KL808), or airfrance flight via Paris. The Air France flight is a day flight, the KLM flight is a night flight.



How to request the benefit:

Step 1

Make a reservation

  1. Call your travel agent
  2. Call AF-KLM Service Center : 886 2 7707 4701
  3. Visit KLM local website:
Step 2

Send requests to the email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with

Booking Record:


Travel Date:

Flight Number:


Contact phone/email:

Step 3

KLM will reply your request within 2 working days by email or by phone

this offer is valid until 31 dec 2019

tip: when you select Visa Electron with a Taiwan debit card, you will not pay the credit card surcharge